Tend Your Feminine Fire

a ritualistic Imbolc inquiry and embodiment circle where we will bring our fears, our desires & our shakti alive using our feminine fire, so that we can energise our body & our vision for the New Phase of Our Lives.


Not tending our feminine fire leads to thoughts like:

“I feel stuck and exasperated.”

“I’m bored and don’t really care.”

“I’m hearing a calling, for something more… but I don’t know what it is?”

“I feel lost.”

“I’m afraid.”


You get the point right?

Today, I invite you to stop and check-in with your feminine fire

Is it burning brightly or getting dimmed by the crazy gusts of life… of this year?

Is your fire guiding your daily choices? 

Do you know what feeds your feminine fire?

Most importantly, do you intimately know your feminine fire?

It’s time to light up your aspirations and intentions with the inner wisdom that is yours, if you only listen. 


Are you feeling called?